A Short Summary

When people ask me what I do in life, and I respond "I'd like to go into the arts industry", I'm met with the reply "You must really hate stability then!" A phrase I'm sure we, as creatives, have met countless times in our lives. The truth is, however, that I am not drawn back from my dreams in fear of where my next job will be-

that's not what acting is about.

Fellow creatives such as myself would argue that the arts is the most effective way to express oneself and to connect with an audience who are there to hear a story, and consequently, make an audience leave feeling as if they've learned something, either about the world, or themselves. This is what fuels my drive as an actor.

I am a firm believer that you cannot sit there and expect work to eventually come your way- this is why I see it important to create work of my own. In between classes I have written, produced and acted in various works of my own, including Documentaries, Fiction, Experimental and Sitcom scripts to fuel my creative mind.



Past experience and beyond


Queen Elizabeth's School: 4th-8th February 2020

This role is by far my most favourite. Javert is my all-time dream role and portraying him for an eight-show run was an honour. I undertook some additional vocal training for this role as I was single cast, to learn how to use and relax the voice to keep it strong, resonant and consistent throughout the week. I feel that this role has strongly developed my musical theatre skills in a performance that was well up to a professional standard.



Queen Elizabeth's School: 6th-9th February 2019

My dream of performing in a classical musical had finally come true! Guys and Dolls is my favourite pre-1960s musical and being a part of this production was magical. In this show, while musicality was key, I was also able to exercise my ability to act through dance and movement, as part of the Benny and Nicely double act. We got a giant barrel of laughs from the audience, and the musical as a whole was so much fun to be a part of.



Queen Elizabeth's School: 31st January -
3rd February 2018

In my acting career, I believe that this was the point where I began to fully immerse myself and hone in on my skills in a production. While this was a supporting character, it gave me more time to work on my accent, diction, pace etc., I felt that this role was the most fun to play in what was a 'feel-good' musical. You know it's a highlight for your website when the director asks you to write some pre-show announcements to do- in character!



PAID WORK -Throughout 2020

Through doing a production of Dad's Army on stage, I was given some professional opportunities, one being the opportunity to head down to the army- as an actor?!
My responsibility was to portray a (very) wide assortment of characters going in for an army interview. The trick was that the interviewers did not know who the actor was (to see how they would react), so I had to put my acting skills to the test. Thankfully, I managed to slip through the system as an 'overly flirtatious male', the 'fake hard man', and many, MANY more.



November 2020

The first project I was involved with in a Covid world. This was an experimental student film with some disturbing imagery, but nonetheless it was a fantastic experience and the creative team really knew their craft.



When I'm not on-camera, you can usually find me behind the scenes! All the work you can see in my Vimeo portfolio was devised and edited by me! 

Not only that, but I have experience in digital graphic design (using software such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop) to produce various works, including:

-Promotional social media pages

-Video thumbnails 

-Promotional banners 

-Theatre programmes!



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